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Tropic set to Northward. It's renewed.


I observed on a day before of the Summer solstice on East Japan that a degree of attitude of the Sun. On result, I roughly measured 80 degrees of the angle. If the angle is measured 90 degrees on the Summer solstice, there is conceptionally through the Tropic of Cancer. My observation figured conjecturally with the angle that the Tropic of Cancer renewably set on about Kyusyu Japan.
Historically it figured on center of Taiwan &c.. There is in subtropical zone and harvests pine apple and banana &c.. Therefore if new Tropic of cancer fixed, Kyusyu Japan could Harvest them. And it renewed makes me suppose also the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn reset to Northward. In this supposition, renewed the Equator is across about Thailand and contrarily daylights reduces on Australia, where is going to be cold.
Why did the Summer solstice renew to set Northward? Because I guess the Earth's Axis inclined newly any more. Already a model of the Earth inclined to the South, and my guess notes additionally the angle increased. Why did the Axis inclined? I assumedly answer that a bias of electrics using on the Earth makes the Axis inclined.
I think the movement (eru [in my books]) effectively equals the electric (i-eru [in my books])(Eizo "Erugaku a challenge to physics alone [Erugaku Hitori butsurigaku no chosen"]" 85, 90). Consequently, an electric using affects a movement. For example, A machine works by any electrics. I think why that cause with my logic is that, a degree of movements on the Earth faced a bias of electric using on it (It is probable that a Quantity of Electric using on the South hemisphere is smaller than the North hemisphere.), the bias made the movement change, and way of the Rotation of the Earth altered. Above observation may indicate when an electric using on the Earth increased, mutually a day time on it increased because of the Earth's axis inclining.
For future studies, I point two inquiries. First is, does a degree of the Earth's axis incline more? Later is, did a location of a poles of the Earth change?

With surprised I wrote.

Kanto, Japan


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