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Using electrics may change location of the equator.


 A thunder drops into the Earth. So I can say that a gravity may call an electric. It may adapt for the Sun and an electric. If it hypothesis is correct, the most electrics using area on the Earth becomes a location of equator. On 19th century, it might not occurred, because people who lived at the time probably uses lesser  electrics than now. But on 21th century, electrics using increased and location of equator might change by. Any days before, I found that the Tropic of cancer might be removed Northward and therefore the Axis of the Earth more inclined than 20th century (See 'Tropic set to Northward. It's renewed.', 2020.7.10, http://eizo09.com/118.htm).

 The observation that of degree of attitude of the Sun on a day before the Summer solstice, of direction of the Sunset and the Sunrose, and a direction of the North pole with a compass, can point the Tropic of cancer removed like next figure (fig.1 But regretfully it is rough work. Not an acute measure.). And I add a figure of former the Tropic of the cancer (fig.2).

fig.1 Supposed the Tropic of the cancer removed.

fig.2 Former the Tropic of the cancer.

 Above mentioned, I think that more electrics using causes the Tropic of cancer removed. In my hypothesis, the most electrics using area calls the Equator, the next calls the Tropic secondarily. Why Does Electrics using increase? It may be caused by any developing of countries. Especially, the most developing country and electrics using are China. I guess the factor is electrics using in China increased (But electrics is used by Europe, U.S. and Japan. So it is a not matter only China.).If electrics using quantity stabilise by now and it passes any times, probably, the Equator is going to be through China because it has the most electrics using on the Earth (fig.3). It affects neighbor countries. For example, Japan.

fig.3 Supposed the Tropic of cancer removing on tomorrow.

 In this supposition, near Alaska become the new North pole. If you can measure on model of the Earth, North America and Europe posit Northward from the new Equator and India which is going to develop posits Southward. I estimate new location of the new Equator set between the former and later. That is to say, there is strung between Europe and India. But I think North America where is too North, so is out. And also the new North pole and the new South pole namely is the Axis of Earth, is fluttering because my compass doesn’t direct stably.

 By it is any location, Area of the former North hemisphere without North America becomes new Tropic. New Tropic of cancer in this article is in supposition that on a condition of stable of rotation of the Earth. So, it is except of supposition on another condition of unstable of rotation of the Earth. Former figure (fig.3) is namely Europe-China assumption. For otherwise, it can be North America-China assumption (fig.4) and Europe-North America assumption (fig.5, but this assumption is not going to forecastable because it contains a decadence of China, which seems to continually use electrics.)

fig.4 Assumption of the New Equator across North America-China.

 On this supposition, the new North pole set around North East Africa. On my easy measuring, the North pole set near Iceland now. The North pole may going to set on North East Africa. Regretfully on this supposition, all ice is going to be molten on the former North pole and the former South pole.

 By either supposition, it is going to be warm around Japan.


fig.5 Assumption of the new Equator across Europe-North Amerika.

Kanto, Japan


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